What is RSN Online Courses?

RSN Online Courses and David and CharlesRSN Online Courses, or Royal School of Needlework Online Courses, is a partnership between David and Charles and the Royal School of Needlework to deliver distance learning courses online.

From the website rsnonlinecourses.com, you can enrol in hand embroidery tuition provided by qualified Royal School of Needlework tutors. Courses are taken in your own home or location of your choice on any device with an internet connection.

The range of courses broadly mirrors existing Royal School of Needlework in-person training, that can be taken across the UK and in other worldwide locations. Providing the courses online recognises that not everyone is able to enrol on in-person training and provides an alternative way to learn hand embroidery skills.

Key features of rsnonlinecourses.com are:

  • World class hand embroidery tuition from approved Royal School of Needlework tutors.
  • HD Video lessons, typically over 2 hours per course, with accompanying text, photographic and downloadable instructions.
  • An exclusive physical kit that ships with every course registration. The kit has been designed by each tutor to accompany the course so that you can follow on at home with exactly the materials you can see in the instructional video.
  • Tablet and mobile friendly instruction, meaning you can take the courses on the device that suits you.
  • Worldwide shipping of all kits. All kits are shipped within 2 working days of receiving the order and are all sent on a ‘signed for’ service.

The first course we commissioned, and the Royal School of Needlework recommended entry course, is Introduction to Jacobean Crewelwork. Crewelwork uses crewel wool which is thicker and easier to handle than fine thread. It features a range of stitches and colours which offer an excellent starting point to learn hand embroidery.

For those that enjoy cross-stitch, you might also start with either Introduction to Blackwork or Introduction to Canvaswork as these combine a counting technique. Introduction to Blackwork features continuous patterns to give the ability to shade from dark to light. Introduction to Canvaswork covers the entire background of a piece with a variety of counted textural stitches.

Royal School of Needlework Online Courses brings the world’s leading hand embroidery to a global audience through a market leading online learning platform. Click here to enrol on a course today and develop your hand embroidery skills from the comfort of your own home?

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  1. Hi,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances in the family this year, I don’t think I can complete my course which I am enrolled in.
    I would like to extend the course or pause it and then resume it at a later date. Is this possible at all?

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