#hoopyourself challenge

#hoopyourself challenge uniting embroiderers

Instagram user Carissa Caples of @setfreecreative had a simple idea: “Take a picture of your face framed by a hoop (the smaller the better!) and tag some of your favorite embroidery artists to keep it going… I’m hoping this can strengthen the feeling of community among embroidery artists and add some laughter to this stressful time for small business owners. We’re in this together!” And thus #hoopyourself was born!

This creative #hoopyourself challenge has captured the imagination of embroiderers worldwide, and we’ve been enjoying keeping up with the hashtag ever since. The wonderful thing about this challenge is that is reveals just how widespread and diverse the embroidery community is – in terms of location, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and even pet preferences – and how embroidery is a true passion for people all over the world. To celebrate this wonderful challenge bringing together the stitchers of the world, here are a few of our fave posts, beginning with Carissa’s post that started it all! At the time of writing there are over 1300 #hoopyourself posts to enjoy.

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#hoopyourself ¡Tarde pero seguro, me sumo a este desafío y me presento! 💪 Les cuento un poco de mi historia. Soy Lili. Actualmente tengo 68 años. Nací en Comodoro Rivadavia, en el campamento Manantiales Berh de YPF (mi papá era jefe de perforación de un pozo). A mí año y medio de edad, mis abuelos y nosotros nos mudamos a Mar del Plata. Allí hice la primaria y la secundaria. A los 20 me casé y me fui a vivir a Gral. Madariaga, donde nacieron mis dos hijas: Naschel y Constaza. En 1976 me separé y me vine a vivir a Buenos Aires. En 1983, la democracia reconquistada me impulsó a cumplir un viejo proyecto: estudiar en la #universidad. Me recibí de socióloga y durante años trabajé profesionalmente en investigación de mercado, en el Ministerio de Educación de la Nación y finalmente hasta jubilarme, dando capacitación y asistencia técnica a emprendimientos de la economía social en el marco de programas del Ministerio de Trabajo de la Nación. En algún período tuve un #emprendimiento de juguetes artesanales en donde pintaba casitas de muñecas, charriots y bordaba sus respectivas ropas de cama. Hasta que que finalmente, en el 2019, tuve la posibilidad de alquilar mi local, para articular las dos cosas que me hacían muy feliz: el #bordado y la enseñanza, decidí dar talleres de bordado estilo #mexicano. 👉 Nomino a @puntoetei para que se cope y también lo haga. Y a todas mis alumnas que quieran sumarse a este lindo #challenge😉

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Thought I would jump on the #hoopyourself thingy ma-bob wagon. So haven't posted much on here lately.. you would think that with all this free time, stuck at home dealing with corona isolation quarantine stuff…I would be sitting in front of netflix stitching up a storm. But no…didn't quite work out that way. I have one piece on the go currently and felt over it about week 2 of isolation.. I had lots of ideas for new pieces and did actually start drawing them in fabric… But ended up having little tantys and throwing them in my "ignore you for another day box". So Yeah.. struggling a little with the motivation and push to do a lot right now. Which sucks ballsack. But…spent an some time today with a needle and thread in my hand, which was nice. Anyway… that's all. #hoopyourself #maleembroidery #queerembroidery #crossstitch #freerangepenis #selfportrait #gaybleachedshavedhead

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There is something just so joyful about this challenge, bringing people together in such a creative and fun way. So have a go and #hoopyourself – have fun, be crazy, show your true colours and why not include your pet? There are a world of other embroidery fans out there for you to connect with and celebrate your love of stitch.

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