Why Bookshop.org?

We’ve recently updated our website so that all of the links to buy our books point to Bookshop.org. There is a separate link for customers in the UK and those in the USA.

Publisher websites linking to retailers can be contentious. There are so many great places that you can buy our books, from our customers online, booksellers on the high street, and the many independent art and craft shops around the world that stock our titles. We know that every reader will have their own preferences and we aim to achieve the widest possible availability of our books, in as many retailers as possible.

The COVID pandemic restrictions have brought many challenges to retail bookselling. We have seen sales shift online, and it is no surprise that the preferred place to shop for many is Amazon. We are delighted to sell our books through Amazon to all the readers that choose to shop there.

Bookshop.org is a little different, in that it offers the opportunity to buy books online while also benefitting independent booksellers. Bookshop.org pays 30% of the value of a sale through an independent bookseller site to that bookseller, which at least goes some way to help generate an income when shops are forced to close. It also offers other features, such as affiliate links. The links to our books from this site will generate an affiliate income, and we have pledged to donate any money earned that way to our charity partner, the Wonder Foundation.

We may change this approach in the future, but we hope you will support buying our books through Bookshop.org. You can visit our two store sites here:

David and Charles on Bookshop.org UK

David and Charles on Bookshop.org USA

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