All I want for Christmas...The Sewing Edition

All I want for Christmas… | The Ultimate guide to gifts for crafters | David & Charles

All I want for Christmas…The Ultimate Guide to gifts for crafters is here to give you everything you need to gift your crafty friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. This has been a tough year, there’s no doubting that, so we thought we’d make the Christmas period that little bit easier for you. No matter what kind of craft your loved ones enjoy, we can give you at least a few ideas for gifts.

Including books for beginners right through to experts. Tools our expert authors recommend and even materials we know are perfect for each craft category. From crochet to knitting, paper craft, painting, and even journalling we have gift suggestions for everything.

Every week from November 30th, we’ll shine a spotlight on a particular crafty pastime and include a selection of perfect gifts to match. Crafting, in all its’ glorious forms has been proven to aid relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress. 2020 has been a rollercoaster year for many of us, and so by allowing yourself or a loved one, time to relax and craft, you’re providing a great opportunity for self-care.

The “All I want for Christmas…” series will run as follows:

November 30th, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Quilting Edition’

December  3rd, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Crochet Edition’

December  7th, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Knitting Edition’

December  10th, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Sewing Edition’

December  14th, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Art Edition’

December  17th, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas…Journaling Edition’

December  21st, 2020 – ‘All I want for Christmas… Crafters Edition’

You’ll find each week a blog, here on our website containing links to everything you need. You’ll also find features each week across our social media, here: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

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