All I want for Christmas...The Sewing Edition

All I want for Christmas…The Quilting Edition

‘All I want for Christmas…The Quilting Edition’ is your ultimate guide to gifts for quilters.

First things first, let’s talk books because after all, that’s what we do…

The Modern Quilt Bible

The Modern Quilt Bible is the ultimate modern quilting book. Every quilter will find something to love from this book. Created by Elizabeth Betts, this book is everything you need to be a quilting queen or king! There are over 100 techniques to master, and this book teaches you all of them! Modern Quilt Bible

Jelly Roll Quilts: The Complete Collection

This complete collection of Jelly Roll Quilts will have any quilter happy for weeks, maybe even months! 12 quilt patterns that will WOW. Created by Pam and Nicky Lintott, their expertise will guide you through these quilts with ease. This is a fan favorite of our quilting lovers.

Jelly Roll Quilts Complete collection

Beginners Guide to Quilting

Another fantastic book from Elizabeth Betts – this beginners guide is perfect for a craft who wants to dip their toe into the world of quilting. Easy to follow, clear and simple – exactly what a beginner’s guide needs to be. Spark creativity and love for a new hobby with this book.

Quilting Bible

Next in ‘All I want for Christmas…The Quilting Edition’ is tools and materials!

We spoke with our expert authors, to find out exactly what quilters want for Christmas. Elizabeth Betts author of Modern Quilt Bible and Beginners Guide to Quilting, recommends;

  • I’m always asked what I would like for Christmas, but my cupboard is fully stocked. This year I’m lusting after the Berylune Nose to Tail Tape Measure – It’s practical and fun, it can cope with the largest of quilts, and has animals on it corresponding to their size. It combines all the essentials!

Pam and Nicky Lintott, authors of Jelly Roll Quilts recommend:

  • Quilting Rulers – in particular, The Creative Grids 45/90 which is a must-have!
  • Creative Grids “Two Peaks in One Triangle” is another favorite – we’ve used this ruler to make over 14 different patchwork blocks – that’s how versatile it is!

So there you have it. A quilting lover will have everything they could want for Christmas. From rulers to tape measures and books! We hope this helped with your Christmas shopping, or perhaps it just doubled the list.

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