All I want for Christmas...The Sewing Edition

All I want for Christmas…The Crochet Edition

‘All I want for Christmas…The Crochet Edition’ is your ultimate guide to gifts for crocheters.

First things first, let’s talk books because after all, that’s what we do…

Crochet Iconic Women

15 iconic women who changed the world. From Greta to Malala, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to Amelia Earhart. This book includes world-famous women who have changed the world – perfect for any crocheter. Whether you’re a beginner or expert – this book can be enjoyed by all. 5% of sales from Crochet Iconic Women is donated to The Wonder Foundation – helping women and girls across the world access education and leave poverty, forever. Crochet Iconic Women

Crochet Animal Rugs

Created by Ira Rott, this fantastic book will help any crocheter create beautiful, colorful, rugs that children will adore. You can even make matching accessories to go with the rugs – perfect for bedrooms or playrooms! Over 20 designs to follow too – so there is certainly something for every child.

Crochet Animal Rugs

3D Granny Squares

3D Granny Squares is the perfect project book – these squares are great to create a blanket, or just to enjoy on their own. Over 100 squares to crochet, that give a fresh new look to the traditional Granny Square. Every crocheter will enjoy taking on these granny square designs. 3D Granny Squares won “Best Crochet Book of 2020” at The British Knitting and Crochet Awards!

3D Granny Squares Book

Next in ‘All I want for Christmas…The Crochet Edition’ is tools and materials!

We spoke with our expert authors, to find out exactly what crocheters want for Christmas. Carla Mitrani, author of Crochet Iconic Women recommends;

  • Clover Soft Touch Hooks (sizes 2.5mm & 2.00mm)
  • This craft bag for carrying all the crochet kit!
  • Scissors, in particular, these!
  • Hobbii Rainbow Cotton

These are my favourite go-to products, when I’m making my dolls these are must-have items. Any crocheter will be able to make use of these in all their projects.

Ira, author of Crochet Animal Rugs recommends:

  • Bernat Super Value Yarn is durable and affordable
  • This unique, 9mm aluminum crochet hook is easier for working on larger items
  • Stitch markers, in particular, this Jumbo Locking Stitch Marker

Caitie Moore, one of the co-authors of 3D Granny Squares, which recently won “Best Crochet Book of 2020” recommends:

  • Clover bent tip needles – these make weaving so much easier!
  • Painbox Yarn (cotton DK) have the loveliest range of colours!

So there you have it. Everything a crochet enthusiast could want for Christmas. From yarn to hooks, scissors, and books! We hope this helped with your Christmas shopping, or perhaps it just doubled the list.

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