All I want for Christmas...The Sewing Edition

All I Want for Christmas… The Knitting Edition

‘All I want for Christmas…The Knitting Edition’ is your ultimate guide to gifts for knitters.

First things first, let’s talk books because after all, that’s what we do…

Magical Woodland Knits

First in, All I want for Christmas…The Knitting Edition, Magical Woodland Knits, created by Claire Garland will help any knitter created amazing animal friends. From foxes to badgers, birds, and more there are 12 animal friends you can knit included. These magical knits could even be given to a loved one as a gift,  how wonderful! Author’s top tip: Use up old yarn and cut-offs for stuffing your makes, they’re also perfect to make paws and noses! 
Magical Woodland Knits

Alterknit Rebellion 
The Alterknit Rebellion is THE book for the rebellious knitter. Creative, bright, and colorful. Follow Anna’s patterns and create beautiful garments that will stand out from the crowd. From hot pants to mittens there’s a pattern in this book to suit every style. Following the amazing Honestrikk movement, these patterns are bold and bright to the core.

Alterknit Rebellion

The Knitter’s Bible

The last book in, All I want for Christmas…The Knitting Edition; The Knitter’s Bible just HAD to be included in our ultimate gift guide. This book is a knitter’s go-to. Featuring a selection of patterns, along with techniques, hints, and tips this book is useful for beginners and experts alike. With full easy-to-follow instructions for all of the knitting basics, from knit and purl stitch to casting on and binding (casting) off, as well as more advanced techniques, such as Fair Isle knitting, cables, and lace knitting, and circular knitting. knitter's bible book


Next in ‘All I want for Christmas…The Knitting Edition’ is tools and materials!

We spoke with our expert authors, to find out exactly what knitters want for Christmas. Our authors recommend;

  • Tant Kofta indie yarns – beautifully colorful selection of amazing yarn.
  • Bronteglen uncarded toy stuffing for making knitted animals/toys!

These items are a great addition to a gift for a knitter. Yarns, in particular, can be used for such a wide variety of projects you really can’t go wrong.

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