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Christmas donation to the WONDER Foundation 2020

We have already pledged to donate any affiliate fees we earn from Bookshop.org to the WONDER Foundation. This year we have rounded up that donation to £250 and have made this donation in place of sending any company Christmas cards. Bookshop.Org primarily allows for independent booksellers to generate an income from online sales. Publishers and authors can also earn affiliate fees for all sales made through our account on the site, all of the links to our books from this site take you to Bookshop.org. While our fees are modest, we are happy to be able to increase the donation to £250.

The WONDER Foundation help educate women and girls across the world to help them leave poverty forever. Their work is incredible, and we would like to support them in any way we can. Earlier in 2020, we published “Crochet Iconic Women” 5% of sales of Crochet Iconic Women also get donated to the WONDER Foundation.

Crochet Iconic Women Book

The WONDER Foundation’s mission; 
“Our mission is to empower women, girls and their communities through access to quality education so that they can transform their lives and exit poverty for good. We see the dignity of every human being as the basis for their human rights and freedom at each stage of their lives. Each person has the right to be respected and empowered to make informed decisions about their own lives and to give that same respect to those around them.”

If you would like to know more about the amazing work of the WONDER Foundation, you can visit their website here. If you would like to donate to their cause too, you can find their donation page here.

Thanks for reading. We hope our Christmas good deed inspires you, perhaps to do your own good deed, or just provides a smile. Have a wonderful festive season.

David & Charles.

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