365 days of kawaii drawing

Guide to drawing Kawaii style!

Want to take your sketching from sad to super? Or maybe you want to try drawing Kawaii style for the first time!? We’ve got just what you need!

365 Days of Kawaii is the ultimate guide for the young, and young at heart, that want to draw these beautiful Kawaii motifs! From drawing food items to animals, stationary to plants, there’s a drawing for every single day of the year!

Here’s just some of the brilliant guides you can find inside: Kawaii Drawing guides

In the kawaii universe, everything is small and cute. Just by adding eyes and a mouth, even the most mundane object can be brought to life and become an adorable character… llamas smile, sushi winks, houses snooze and hats laugh. Learn to kawaii anything and everything with this cute, classic, and creative kawaii book.

This book has over 300 step-by-step drawing guides to help you Kawaii all year round!

365 days of kawaii drawing

And if 365 days of Kawaii isn’t quite enough for you, we’ve even got 365 Days of Unicorns! That’s right 365 different ways to draw unicorns so that every day can be magical!

Here’s what you can expect from 365 Days of Unicorns:
365 days of unicorns drawing guides

Unicorns are magical, sparkly, and all-around awesome. Why not give every day of your year a touch of Unicorn with this unicorn drawing guide. Every drawing is broken down into a step-by-step guide so you can follow along with ease. Every theme, event, or occasion your Unicorn can be dressed and ready to enjoy – follow the book from start to finish, or throw caution to the wind and pick a page at random every day for a new adventure.

Following these simple guides to all things Kawaii and Unicorn, you can create pictures that tell wonderful, cute, and colorful stories. You can find both these books at all good book stores, and online at; Amazon, Bookshop Org, and Book Depository, as well as many more.

Get your copy today and begin an adventure into the worlds of Kawaii and Unicorns!

If you’d like to see more from these books. follow us on social media (@DandCBooks) and share your sketches using “#365Unicorn” & “#365Kawaii” – we’d love to see them!

Thanks for reading!

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