magical metal clay

Magical Metal Clay, the hobby to start today!

If you are tempted to start a new hobby. We might have something exciting for you.

Jewellery making can be an incredibly therapeutic hobby that can help you to unwind after a long day. Imagine creating your favourite earrings whilst curled up on the sofa. That sounds quite relaxing, right? You can also unleash your creativity and make something completely unique. This book will take your gifting game to another level.

So, if you are thinking of making professional-looking metal jewellery without investing in silversmithing tools, equipment, and training this is the book for you.

Magical Metal Clay Jewellery was created by Sue Heaser. This book shows how you can create beautiful jewellery with metal clay, one of the most popular materials used in commercial jewellers and hobbyists alike.

Metal clay is an incredibly versatile material that can be moulded, folded, shaped, cut, woven, braided, carved, and worked like simple modelling clay to produce an endless array of forms and effects. It is then baked in a domestic oven and hardens into an alloy of silver and other metals. This book will allow you to master the core techniques in an afternoon and show you how this material could keep you creatively engaged for a lifetime of jewellery making.

magical metal clay

Every technique is shown in detail with clear step-by-step photographs, demonstrating all the techniques you will need to set with stones, decorate with enamels, create textural effects using engraving and much, much more. Whatever your skill level and whatever your craft style you’ll find this a rich and inspiring guide with tried-and-tested techniques explained in detail, as well as the cutting edge of metal clay creativity and materials.

Purchase your copy here and get ready to create some beautiful jewellery.

Thanks for reading! We hope you love your journey into magical metal clay!

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