Painting Expressive Roses in Watercolour

Painting expressive roses kew gardens

This online course from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is brought to you in partnership with David and Charles and is launching soon. You can embark on a journey into impressionistic watercolour – a loose and flowing form of painting that will help you capture the charm and glow of the most popular of all flowers. In this fine-art course, you will learn how to paint beautiful blooms in watercolour, both from life and from photographs, capturing the humanity of painting over the more technical aspects. Trevor Waugh will lead you step-by-step through the process, starting with a guide to planning your composition, then you’ll look at the basic formation of the flowers. You’ll be able to have a go at painting from a photo reference and then move on to create a final artwork.

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Trevor Waugh who will teach you how to paint these watercolour roses is an internationally renowned and highly regarded British fine artist living in Wiltshire England. Working in mainly watercolour and oils, and occasionally in mixed media, his paintings can be found in many private and royal collections around the world. Trevor works in an impressionistic, loose artistic style that brings light and life to his chosen subjects. His topics are diverse and genres include Portrait, Landscape, Flowers, Figurative, Street scenes and scenes from the Middle East. You can find out more about Trevor,  here on his website. 

The course comes with a full equipt kit, delivered to your door – so as soon as it arrives, you can get started on your watercolour roses.  You’ll also be given access to a private student group where you can share and discuss the courses with other students.

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