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Kawaii Crochet Garden; Blooming brilliant amigurumi plants

‘Kawaii’ is a Japanese word that describes something as cute, adorable, and just utterly lovable. This couldn’t be truer for Melissa Bradley’s Kawaii Crochet Gardenwhich features a collection of 40 super cute amigurumi patterns! After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to cultivate their own colourful world of crochet flowers, plants, and garden creatures?

crochet garden

Most of us love to be at one with nature and spend time absorbing everything the natural world has to offer but when this isn’t an option, Melissa’s blooming brilliant crochet book is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Each pattern is just as cute as the next and there is no better way to put a smile on people’s faces than by gifting them a crochet garden that is itself, full of smiling plants and creatures.

As with her first book, ‘Kawaii Crochet’, Melissa breaks down each chapter by colour, including yellow, pink, purple, blue and many more! You’ll find adorable flowers and plants within each section along with step-by-step patterns for crochet daffodils, sunflowers, roses and various other pieces of flora. Hiding amongst the shrubbery, the cute crochet faces of ladybugs and caterpillars will also make an appearance. Garden tools can also be found within the book, making this the perfect garden-lovers collection with no leaf or stone left unturned.

kawaii crochet garden

The back of the book also gives full tutorials with photos and diagrams on how to work the crochet stitches, making this book ideal for experienced crocheters or beginners who want to try their hand at sowing the seeds of a new hobby! The patterns are tried and tested, making for an easy-to-follow collection that will quite literally fill your world with flowers.

‘Kawaii Crochet Garden’ has been expertly crafted by Melissa Bradley, who is the creator of Yarn Blossom Boutique and is an enthusiast for all things crochet. She is an expert within the field and not only hold a bachelor’s degree in interior design but is also a certified florist! There truly is no better guide to walk you through this garden of creative and colourful crochet. Below you can find the links to Melissa’s book, where you can let your passions for this Amigurumi crochet truly flourish and grow!

Find Melissa’s book here. 

And, if you just can’t get enough of Melissa’s amazing amigurumi – follow her on Instagram here! 

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