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Tips and Techniques from Paint with Thread

We gathered some of the most useful tips and techniques from Paint with Thread, to help you get a feel for the book and all the amazing projects you will find in it.

Paint with Thread is the culmination of all of Emillie’s skills and years of experience in this wonderful, meditative art form. Each design has around 60 detailed step-by-step photos, showing every stage of the process so that even complete beginners can follow along and create beautiful embroideries. If you have been considering learning the art of needle painting but are unsure where to start, then this book is for you!


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In this book, Emillie generously shares her tried and tested tips and techniques, including advice on materials, transferring designs onto fabric, and fully illustrated explanations of the stitches and skills needed. The five in-depth projects draw on Emillie’s love of nature, including motifs that she is best known for such as flowers, foliage, bees, and fungi.


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Inspired by nature and the changing seasons, Emillie has created five new and exclusive patterns for the book, four that reflect each season in turn and one special design that brings the natural year together into one showstopper embroidery.

Let’s take a look now at just some of the tips and techniques you will find in Paint with Thread:

1. Transferring the Patterns

The transfer ink could fade over time, so it’s best to iron it on just before use.

2. Stitching the Leaves and Stems

Do not fret if your stitches are not identical with the ones in the book. Emillie highlights in the book that even when she tries to embroider the same design twice, it’s not the exact same copy. Be kind to yourself as you stitch.

Emillie also advises that for a realistic colour palette, you should contrast hot and cold tones to give the viewer a sense of depth, avoiding a flat effect. This is seen in the warmer yellow-green and colder blue-green shades in the leaves.

3. Stitching Sunflower leaves

If you know any other line stitches such as Stem Stitch or Chain Stitch, these are also great for filling in flower stems or curved lines. Emillie, is just as happy using Split Back Stitch.

4. Stitching the Face and Chest of Robin

When adding colour to the head, chest, and body, keep your stitches as small as possible to help with the stitch direction. This will make it easier to blend the different shades to emulate the robin’s fluffy feathers.

If you want to learn more tips and techniques from Paint with Thread, purchase the book HERE.

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  1. I was having a problem to see the printed design on a fabric, thanks so much for sharing the tip to iron it, this way this way the printed lines will stay longer on the fabric. I wish I knew this before.

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