Introduction to Aromatherapy with Ellen Rowland and Kew Gardens

Join workshop leader and aromatherapist Ellen Rowland as she looks at how aromas can affect us, both physically and emotionally, and shows you how to create your own aromatherapy preparations. Follow along with over 60 minutes of information and step-by-step instructions split into easily digestible lessons, and you will discover:  

  • A little of the history and cultural traditions of aromatherapy  
  • The emotional effects of aromas  
  • How to make an energising, uplifting inhaler 
  • Steps to creating a calming room mist
  • How aromas affect the physical body 
  • How to make a topical balm for injury  
  • Steps to create a soothing cream for inflammation 
  • How to make a nourishing facial oil 

 There’s even a bonus video to show you how to use your oil for a facial massage. 

aromatherapy course

Ellen Rowland is the founder of social enterprise AmberLuna Apothecary, where she holds an aromatherapy clinic and teaches regular aromatherapy workshops. She also runs regular workshops on aromatherapy, skincare, and herbs for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as part of their community access programme, bringing this learning to those who would otherwise not have access. Ellen also runs an aromatherapy massage clinic in Bristol, and workshops for the public with various charitable and social enterprise partners. 

Find out more about this Kew Gardens Online course, and more here. 

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