Kew Gardens Online Courses | Black Friday 20% Off All Courses!

Get 20% off all courses with Kew Online Courses this winter – perfect to gift to a friend or to enjoy for yourself!

Choose your course to bring the experience of Kew learning to your home with exclusive online classes. You can select the ‘Online Course’ option if you want access to the instructional content only, or ‘Course and Kit Bundle’ if you would also like to receive a kit of required course materials through the post. The courses cover a variety of crafts and subjects, all botanically inspired:

Making Terrariums with Joe Rees: This self-paced course features almost two hours of premium tuition that will introduce you to the miniature worlds of self-sustaining ecosystems. In?this introductory?course, Joe will show you the different plants and containers you can use, and walk you through the steps required to create three different styles of enclosed terrarium.

Introduction to Aromatherapy with Ellen Rowland: This course provides the cultural and historical context of aromatherapy and teaches you practical ways to use aromas at home.?Ellen will walk you through the steps required to create a range of aromatherapy products, all gentle enough to be used by nearly everyone. Make a facial oil, a topical balm, a room mist and more!

Growing Abundant Herbs and Leafy Veg in Pots with Mark Ridsdill Smith: Mark will show you the principles of container gardening, in this introductory course. Mark will walk you through the simple steps for creating an abundant garden with just a few pots and a little know-how. Perfect for any want-to-be gardener!

Introduction to Botanical Illustration with Hazel Wilks: In this course, you’ll be led step-by-step through the process of drawing a captivating stargazer lily, by professional botanical illustrator, Hazel Wilks. Start with basic botany and careful observation of the flower. This course will show you how to use basic botany to improve your observation skills, learn how to transfer essential guidelines, develop your mark-making, discover different shading techniques, try out some inking exercises, and see how to refine your final piece.

Painting Expressive Roses in Watercolour with Trevor Waugh: Join fine artist, teacher, and author Trevor Waugh for Painting Expressive Roses in Watercolour and learn how to use a range of brushstrokes and techniques to capture the flow and the glow of the most popular of all flowers. This course will show you how to understand the natural geometry and basic formations of flowers, practice painting from observation, find out how to use photographs as references, consider your composition, apply washes to build form and texture, pull everything together to create your unique piece.

Introduction to Botanical Painting – Vegetables with Rachel Pedder-Smith:  This course will show you how to use a range of techniques to create a realistic painting of a sweet red pepper in a natural-history style, guided by Rachel Pedder-Smith, a master illustrator from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This course will show you how to improve your observation skills, sketch your initial outlines, mix perfect colours from just a few tubes, discover a variety of brush strokes, learn techniques for adding texture, build up washes to add form and dimension.

Simple Herbal Preparations at Home with Kim Walker:  Join Kim and learn to create gentle remedies for everyday use as she shows you how to prepare helpful teas, tinctures, syrups and topical oils. Along the way she’ll share her specialist knowledge and give you lots of tips that will help you on your journey into herbalism. This course will show you how to discover different ways to use herbs for good health, extract the beneficial properties of plants in water, make remedies using alcohol or apple cider vinegar, use your decoctions to create soothing syrups, infuse oils with herbs to make topical oils, preserve your fresh herbs for use all year.

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