Crochet Collage Garden: A New Book of Floral Crochet Motif Patterns

Are you a fan of crocheting? Have you been looking for a new crochet book to inspire your next project? Look no further than Crochet Collage Garden – a brand-new book filled with fun and unique floral crochet patterns. In this book, you’ll explore the world of crochet motifs and learn how to create beautiful crochet collages. From intricate rose designs to daisy motifs and leafs, Crochet Collage Garden is sure to become your new go-to source for stunning floral crochet patterns. Created by author and designer, Chris Norrington, and inspired by her own garden in the English countryside.

crochet collage garden

What is a Crochet Collage? A crochet collage is an art form that combines crochet motifs to create a beautiful image. Crochet motifs are small, often complex, patterns which can be arranged in many different ways to create larger pictures. These crochet collages use a range of stitches and materials to create these intricate and beautiful images, inspired by nature. They can feature any number of elements, from flowers and trees to branches and more. With the help of detailed crochet patterns and instructions, anyone can create stunning crochet collages from the comfort of their home. The possibilities are truly endless!

crochet collage garden

Having always had an interest in crafting, Chris started her own business called ‘Chris made this’ selling handmade gifts online and at craft fairs once her two children were grown up. She now focuses on creating her own crochet designs and sharing colourful crochet inspiration through her social media. As well as crochet and gardening, Chris enjoys walking, reading, knitting and yoga, and lives in North Yorkshire with her husband.

If you are interested in seeing more of Chris’s creative work and garden, she can be found on Instagram @chris.made.this and @tales.from.north.end and on Facebook as Chris made this

And finally, to get your copy of Crochet Collage Garden, visit your favorite book retailer, online or in-store. Happy Crocheting!

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