My Cute Kawaii Drawings

My Cute Kawaii Drawings by Mayumi Jezewski

If you want to learn how to draw cute kawaii pictures with easy-to-follow steps, then My Cute Kawaii Drawings is the book for you! ‘Kawaii’ is a Japanese term that means adorable or cute, and kawaii art focuses on characters with exaggerated features and tons of personality that are designed to make you smile. Mayumi Jezewski teaches you everything you need to know to create adorable characters in fun scenarios – why not try drawing knitty kitty, funky monkey or flying carrot? Perfect for young artists, My Cute Kawaii Drawings tells you how to get perfect proportions, create facial expressions and add depth to characters just by reproducing the illustrations on the page. With hours of fun to be had, this book lets you get creative and imagine how to make anything kawaii!

My Cute Kawaii Drawings has four sweet sections that teach you how to create kawaii characters – food and drink, cats and kittens, unicorns and other adorable animals, and cute characters. Not only that – you’ll also learn how to make labels, banners and pop-up cards that let you show off your new talent and spread the fun. You only need minimal equipment, just a pencil, eraser and colours, which means you can get started right away! Each drawing uses simple shapes that are built up to create a complete character in a few stages, which makes this book perfect for budding young artists. Mayumi gives the basic illustrations needed to draw these characters, but also incorporates a range of emotions, hobbies, dress-up clothes and cultures into their personalities. So, by the time you’ve finished this book you’ll have all the skills you need to create loads of your own adorable kawaii drawings.

Grab your pens and get started! Pre-order My Cute Kawaii Drawings here. Want to know more about Mayumi? Find her profile here. If you love this, check out My Kawaii Journal.

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