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Open your mind, body and soul, and Listen to the Universe in the latest in our wellbeing series! 

Life can be brilliant and exciting, but it can also bring with it plenty of chaos into our lives, upsetting our bodies, state of mind, and overall health. To overcome the pressures of daily life and to provide a natural sense of calm in its place, we must look inwards to learn from what the universe is telling us. Through this blend of philosophical and self-help, Listen to the Universe provides us with a chance to learn from life coach Anne-Sophie Casper, who has created this guide for those who wish to learn about synchronicity.  

listen to the universe

The guide has been arranged over 24 hours, with the aim to teach readers about the important lesson of letting go of the illusion of control that we seek to have over our lives – a lesson that she has had to learn for herself as it was an issue that was wreaking havoc over her life. 

The guide then transgresses into the concept of synchronicity and explores the meaning of the word and examples of how it can show up in our lives so that we may learn to recognise it more often. By doing so, readers can learn to embrace and encourage this connection between themselves and the universe.  

The guide provides a day outlined with various important moments throughput the day for readers to pause and listen to the universe and how they can implement this in their day-to-day. The guide isn’t too serious though, there are some fun inclusions for readers to pause and engage with what they’ve read, such as quizzes and questionnaires. 

Listen to the Universe

This guide is the ultimate and most extensive toolkit for those who wish to learn a life based around synchronicity from an expert in the field. 

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