The Illustrator’s Guide to Procreate: Guide to Hand Gestures

Procreate, is the go-to app for artists when creating digital art. Packed with hundreds of tools and tricks, Procreate can be a tough app to master, that’s where Ruth Burrow’s guide comes to the rescue!

The Illustrator’s Guide to Procreate (published June 2023) is the ultimate guide to all things Procreate, and to celebrate its release, we’ve gathered this handy set of tips about the hand gestures needed to control the app for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

1 One-finger tap – use this to select, open, and close all the functions.

2 Two fingers pinch in – this basically zooms out and makes your artwork smaller on the screen.  You can also twist the canvas using two fingers to change the orientation of your artwork. A quick pinch will return the canvas to fit the screen.

3 Two fingers stretch – the opposite of pinch, this will zoom in and make your artwork bigger. Great for getting down to the details of your drawing.

4. Two fingers twist – this will rotate your canvas.

5. Two fingers tap – use this to Undo.

6. Three fingers tap – this is the gesture to Redo.

7. Three finger scrub – use this to erase everything from the layer.

8. Three finger swipe down – this brings up the Copy & Paste panel, which also includes Cut.

Alongside these tips, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge from Ruth within the book, plus some projects you can dive into, and practical advice for printing, selling, and promoting your art. You can read more about it here.

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