The Handmade Grimoire: A creative treasury for magickal journaling 

Take a break from the busy and distracting world by starting your own grimoire with The Handmade Grimoire – a magickal encyclopedia.  

The path of a modern witch is filled with learning and discovery, gathering knowledge that is recorded in the Grimoire – a Witch’s personal journal of their craft. Through your journey with this book, you will discover the approach of the magickal practice with endless curiosity, as well as methods to find the little moments of beauty all around you. Following its practical step-by-step illustrated instructions featured with beautiful colour photography of Laura’s grimoire, you will be able to start out on your own crafting path – turning the art you see in the world around you into your own grimoire.  

 In The Handmade Grimoire, Laura Derbyshire introduces you to the joy of creating a personal grimoire from scratch – and to seek out new ways to engage with your craft through creative self-expression. With a variety of patterns and motifs to choose from, this book includes 80 pages of beautifully patterned papers and nature-based designs – making it easy to start crafting your grimoire straight away.  

Let’s take a look at what you can find inside The Handmade Grimoire…

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