Let’s take a look at Punch Needle Toys

Welcome to Punch Needle Toys, a collection of cute and cuddly toys made using punch needle embroidery. 

Caro Bello is going to put some spark into this popular theme – which no other title has been focused on punch needle toys before.  

In this book, you will be able to discover a collection of 20 distinctive but characterful animals. Caro explains every single detail that you need to know before kicking off your embroidery and bringing your adorable needle animals to life.  

Let’s take a look at some of the cuddly designs included:  


First, pictured above, we have Gaspar Giraffe – who is an undercover spy wears a hidden camera beneath his bowtie. 

Next, you can see Enrique who is wearing a pair of bright yellow underpants as he likes to relax while he works from home.  


And finally, in the picture, Helena Hen looks harmless in her folk-chic shawl, but it is actually an underground activist working for the chick rights movement.  


The toys are made flat and then joined and stuffed to bring them to life. They are cleverly designed with details on the front and back and with full-size templates, so you don’t need to worry about enlarging them. Caro also includes her advice about special finishing techniques to create different looks including tufting, brushing, and pompom, as well as the best techniques to sew and fill the toys when you’ve finished the embroidery.  

You can pre-order Punch Needle Toys with all good retailers today – and for more information on what’s included, view it here. 

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