Pokémon Cross Stitch | What can you stitch up!?

What do you get if you combine cross stitch with Pokémon? Only the best craft book ever!

Our first and official Pokémon licensed cross stitch pattern book collection. The Pokémon will be instantly recognisable to fans of the phenomenally popular Japanese game and TV series. In all their colourful and wonderful shapes, these designs are as true to the craft of cross stitch as they are to the Pokémon universe. In this book, you will find full-colour charts for you to stitch 20 different Pokémon in a wide range of poses with over 50 patterns to choose from.

All Pokémon Trainers need to train themselves and their Pokémon. The same is true with cross stitch. To help in your training, a how-to-guide will help you to understand cross stitch charts, then explains and demonstrates the simple techniques needed to stitch the Pokémon.

Let’s take a look at some of the Pokémon included:

Get your Pokémon journey started today and be a Cross Stitch Master with Pokémon Cross Stitch!

You can pre-order Pokémon Cross Stitch with all good retailers today – and for more information on what’s included, view it here.

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