2024 Sustainability Review and Action Plan

We are pleased to publish our first annual Sustainability Review and Action Plan document.

Since our management buy-out in 2019, the Directors at David and Charles made a commitment to ‘do the right thing’ across our business, and our sustainability practices are at the forefront of that thinking. Our early stages in this process included an immediate move to printing on FSC paper, and the appointment of an internal sustainability ‘Guardian’ to be the voice of this important issue across our business decisions.

We have now taken some significant leaps forward in our understanding of this issue, helped by ever more readily available tools within the industry. We therefore feel confident for the first time to publish this annual review and action plan document.

This document is not perfect or entirely comprehensive. There are gaps in our data and understanding, and inevitably assumptions have been made. It is a line in the sand that defines our current progress, and importantly outlines steps and actions we can now take to make a greater difference.

A further link to the document and some additional notes on our sustainability approach can be found here.

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