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David and Charles to make over a 20% carbon emission saving through North American rail freight

Independent publisher David and Charles has today announced changes to North American freight routing that will save an estimated 24% of the companies CO2 emissions in a full year. The new routing has taken effect from 1st June and will become the default for all books printed in China and shipping to Ingram Two Rivers warehousing in Jackson, Tennessee.

Speaking of the change, Managing Director of David and Charles said:

“We were fortunate to work with Rahul Palekar, an MBA student from the University of Exeter Business School in 2023. Rahul’s research showed us that the trucking of books from port to warehouse accounted for 77% of the CO2 cost of printing and shipping our books to North America. Armed with that knowledge we started conversations with our partners at Magnum Book Services. With wider issues such as Panama Canal delays and more recently problems in Baltimore also a factor, Magnum began trialling sea freight to the American west coast. Books are then transported by rail to Memphis with a much shorter final leg truck journey to the warehouse. Those trials have been successful and the new routing has taken effect from the 1st June.”

The new freight plan cuts the North American trucking distance from 1,329km to just 163km. Based on the mix of North American sales units in 2023, the change is set to reduce the overall company carbon footprint by 24% over a 12 month period.

The David and Charles sustainability action plan can be viewed here and includes the full MBA report as an appendix.

From Magnum Book Services:
Magnum Book Services is pleased to announce the success of our recent trial, moving containers via the west coast of America into Memphis utilizing the enhanced rail services. Over the past few years, we have faced challenges with the reliability and efficiency of these rail routes, which have impacted our operations and, consequently, the services we provide to our valued publishers. However, the improvements in rail services have now paved the way for a significant transformation in our logistics operations.

The new routing through the west coast and into Memphis has proven to be a game-changer for Magnum Book Services. We have experienced firsthand the benefits of these enhancements, witnessing faster transit times and increased reliability. These improvements have allowed us to better meet the demands of our publishers, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of their products. The optimized rail services have undoubtedly added a new dynamic to our operations, enhancing our ability to serve our clients with the excellence they expect from us.

Ingram, one of the largest distribution centres in the United States, plays a pivotal role in our distribution network. The improved rail services have enabled us to offer a faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for transporting goods to and from this crucial hub. By reducing transit times and minimizing our carbon footprint, we are not only improving our service delivery but also contributing to a more sustainable logistics model.
We are delighted with the progress made and the positive impact it has had on our operations. The collaboration and advancements in rail infrastructure have strengthened our capabilities, allowing us to better serve our publishers and contribute to a greener supply chain. Magnum Book Services looks forward to continuing this successful partnership and exploring further innovations that enhance our service offerings.

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