We are only human, and while we strive for perfection, occasionally mistakes happen. On this page you will find errata for known issues in David and Charles books. If you have spotted an error, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention by email to, so that we can correct it for future reprints.

Jelly Roll Quilts – on page 65 a printing error has excluded some crucial diagrams. Please find a PDF of the corrected page here. Feel free to print this out and insert it into your book.

Magical Woodland Knits – a number of errors in these highly technical patterns have been corrected in subsequent printings. The errata list can be downloaded here.

Stitch 50 Dogs – the dogs have nibbled a few words! On page 105, step 2 is missing the first few words of text. It should say ‘Refer to the Design Guide to layer and…’

Wabi-Sabi Sewing – there are a small number of errors corrected below.

p32 Diagram 14 – the bottom ‘row 2’ and ‘row 3’ sections should be the exact inverse of the top ones.
p50 Replace on the cutting list:
From the backing fabric:
Cut the fabric in half longways to make two 22 1/2in x WOF.
p51 Steps 11-14 should read:
11. On one side of both the above panels, sew a 9in x 19 1/2in piece.
12. Sew the remaining background 19 1/2in x 42in centre piece in between these two end pieces.
13. Sew the two backing fabric pieces together along the short edge to make one 22 1/2in x 82in piece.
14. Press the runner top and the backing piece ready for quilting.
p89 Step 11. Should read “sixteen 1 1/2in x 13 1/2in background rectangles…”
Step 12. Should read “…nine 1 1/2in x 2 1/2in rectangles”