Crepe Paper Blooms, Bugs and Butterflies


Paper florist Eileen Lim shares her secrets to crafting flowers and insects from crepe paper, with step-by-step photos and full-size templates. Learn to make paper roses, peonies, dahlias, daffodils, tulips and more, as well as how to combine flowers into bouquets. Alongside the flowers are tutorials for paper butterflies, beetles and bees.
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Step into the vibrant world of Crepe Paper Blooms, Bugs and Butterflies with Miss Petal & Bloom, a.k.a. Eileen Lim.

In this beautifully illustrated guidebook, internationally acclaimed artist Eileen reveals her secrets to crafting whimsical blooms and insects using 180gsm Italian crepe paper. To begin, the materials and basic techniques are broken down in detail, making this a perfect book for beginners.

In the Blooms chapter, you’ll learn how to create a host of flowers that will never wilt, including a sunflower, a rose, two kinds of peonies, a dahlia, a ranunculus, oriental poppies, anemones, hydrangeas and a magnificent king protea. Eileen also demonstrates simple ways to transform your handmade flowers into lovely bouquets – perfect as gifts for your loved ones.

In the Bugs and Butterflies chapters, you’ll be introduced to a collection of quirky crepe paper insects, such as two spectacular moths, two butterflies, colourful beetles, a dragonfly and a chubby little bumblebee, plus a fun range of display ideas.

Finally, in the Potted Plants chapter, Eileen shares techniques for making a variety of plants, as well as tips on how to pot them. These include daffodils, irises, orchids, delphiniums, tulips, foxgloves and gorgeous succulents that you’ll never need to water.

With step-by-step photos for all projects, accompanied by full-size templates, you’ll be inspired to give this addictive craft a go, and create beautiful paper blooms, bugs and butterflies for all occasions.

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Over 20 colourful paper projects from Miss Petal & Bloom


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