Crochet Zodiac Dolls


Crochet your way through the zodiac universe. These amigurumi dolls will delight every crocheter.

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Crochet the zodiac with these crochet patterns for amigurumi horoscope dolls – the perfect present for all astrology lovers.

Whether you’re a sensitive Pisces or a loyal Leo, you can create your own special zodiac dolls with these cute amigurumi patterns from best-selling author, Carla Mitrani. Astrology has never been so popular – it offers fun and distraction in challenging times – and this collection of doll crochet patterns is the perfect way to enjoy your zodiac sign and to make gifts for all your family and friends to treasure.

Each of the zodiac doll crochet patterns draw on the symbols of the star sign that they represent so they are immediately recognisable whether it’s Aquarius the Water Carrier, Cancer the Crab or Sagittarius the Centaur with their bow and arrow. The designs also reference the characteristics and personality traits of each of the star signs so, for example, Taurus is carrying a pot plant to symbolise their love of gardening. And there are fun explanations of which signs are the most compatible for love and friendship.

So, whether you’re a passionate Scorpio, a serious Capricorn or a trustworthy Taurus, a hard-working Virgo or an extroverted Sagittarius you will find a doll for you. Enjoy finding out more about your star sign’s traits, as well as your ruling planet, the element of your star sign, your birthstone, lucky colour, and more. Find out which well-known men and women share the same star sign as you and have fun working out whether your real-life friends match up with your most compatible stars signs.

These amigurumi patterns are easy to follow and fun to make. There are step-by-step instructions and photography for the more advanced techniques and stitches for the dolls, and the general techniques section covers all the crochet basics so that you can get started right away. Carla has included plenty of her tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best finish possible for your finished dolls. The dolls are pocket-sized (measuring 14cm/6inches), so they are a great way to use up your scraps and make the perfect portable project.

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Stitch the horoscope with astrological amigurumi


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