Journal with Purpose: Layout Ideas 101


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Journal with Purpose: Layout Ideas 101 is the ultimate guide to journaling, packed with prompts and ideas to spark creativity. 

For many people who want to keep a journal, the fear of the blank page can be a very real stumbling block, but is definitely something that can be resolved. In this essential reference guide, journaling expert Helen Colebrook offers up all her knowledge, tips and tricks to ensure you get truly bitten by the journaling bug.

Journal with Purpose: Layout Ideas 101 includes;

Thoughtful prompts: these journaling prompts are a great exercise to get you started on self-reflection and help you make writing a daily habit.
Creative prompts: these prompts will get your creative juices flowing. There are no end of ways to get creative in your journal and it can become a hugely relaxing and rewarding part of the process.
Layout inspiration: these ideas show you a range of different tried and tested layouts that you can use in your own journal.
Helen Colebrook, author, did not consider herself creative – until she found her calling – journaling. Now with this second edition, Helen shows you how to use the best layouts for your journal. Making it bespoke to you, and your needs, these ideas will take your journaling level up a notch or two!
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