Keeping Ducks and Geese


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This is a comprehensive and attractive lifestyle guide to keeping ducks and geese – from what to consider before buying them, how to house them, their welfare and even egg selection.

They make wonderful and rewarding pets, and come in all shapes, sizes and colours, providing delicious eggs which are high in protein and are ideal for baking superior cakes. Geese make handy lawn mowers and ducks are perfect for vegetable and allotment gardeners as they love to feast on insects and other pests. With so much versatility, the desire to rear ducks and geese has never been greater.

The book begins with a fascinating brief history of domesticated waterfowl, and then moves onto first considerations before purchasing your ducks or geese, such as goose and duck anatomy and behavior.

There is a detailed section on all of the 40 common breeds of duck and goose, enabling you to make the right decision about which ones to choose. The book features extensive information on planning and welfare, helping you to ensure that you have the right type of space and housing, along with important feeding information. There are also guidelines on how to deal with any eventuality, such as telling the neighbors, going away on holiday and cleaning.

Useful for anyone considering breeding from their waterfowl, there is advice on egg production, egg incubation and hatching, as well as a whole section on rearing. A lavish lifestyle chapter provides recipes for using the rich eggs, along with fun activities for all of the family including quill making and decorating eggs.

Keeping Ducks and Geese fuses contemporary lifestyle design and an authoritative text, to appeal not only to those who already keep waterfowl, but also to those who are thinking of having them or even just aspire to the self-sufficient lifestyle that they represent.

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