NIFTY™ : Clean & Organized


Money-Saving Hacks and Easy DIYs for a Clean and Clutter-Free Home!

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Nifty™ Clean & Organized: Discover NIFTY™ tips and tricks for keeping every inch of your home neat and tidy. These innovative hacks will transform your space—and your life—in no time. Brought to you by BuzzFeed’s insanely popular NIFTY™.

It’s time to get organized! From straightening out your kitchen drawers and maximizing closet space to keeping your home clean and tidy, the tips, tricks, and hacks in NIFTY™: Clean & Organized will take your space to the next level in no time.

From the popular BuzzFeed lifestyle destination NIFTY™, this home organization guide is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a little order to whatever space they call home. It includes helpful advice on how to clean and organize every room in the house, making life easier, more organized, and less stressful than ever before. With money-saving tips, fun DIYs, and inventive ideas for maximizing space, this book is the ultimate cleaning resource.

Whether it’s tackling the chaos of the bedroom closet or making the most out of the limited space in your tiny bathroom, NIFTY™: Clean & Organized makes tidying up and staying organized easier than ever.

NIFTY™ is the popular vertical of BuzzFeed. NIFTY™ is a DIY destination that will spark the curiosity of those who seek creativity and inspiration. From the small to the big, NIFTY™ understands the value of time, but also likes to challenge people’s expectations in a whimsical manner. We connect our audience through innovation, inspiration, and transformation, while never taking ourselves too seriously.

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Money-Saving Hacks and Easy DIYs for a Clean and Clutter-Free Home!


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