Sacred Art


Sacred Art: a creative toolbox of techniques and ideas to take your painting to a new spiritual dimension.

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Sacred Art: A creative toolbox of techniques and ideas to take your painting to a new spiritual dimension.

All of nature is permeated by a hidden geometric creative power. From the spiral growth of ferns, fractal branching systems in trees, and symmetries in leaves and flowers: everything in nature is connected and follows universal principles.

In this exquisite book, artist Kathleen Hoffman shares her fascination with mandalas, sacred symbols such as the triskelion and the labyrinth, and nature’s endless wonder, through a collection of 12 step-by-step painting projects, accessible to painters of all abilities. Hoffman begins with the basic techniques of acrylic painting and then builds on this with each project, showing new design elements that are used in her pictures and how she implements them in terms of colour and composition.

Sacred Art is an invitation to connect with the power of nature and symbols; to discover the infinite variety of these structures, and to unfold this beauty in your painting.

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About the Author
Kathleen Hoffmann is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with a degree in communication design. In addition to her projects as a graphic designer, she has worked as a picture book illustrator and painter in animation films. Kathleen discovered her creativity in her earliest childhood among the plants and flowers of the family-run nursery and the vegetable beds of her grandparents. She has been living with her family on the Baltic Sea since 2020 and devotes herself increasingly to her own artistic work.

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