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A comprehensive and accessible guide to designing – and helping the reader stick to – a budget.
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A comprehensive and accessible guide to designing – and helping the reader stick to – a budget.

Aimed very much at the ordinary person, this budgeting journal is for everyone who wants to feel more in control of their spending and will help the reader to unpack their habits surrounding money in a non-judgemental and encouraging way.

The journal begins with 20 pages of content that helps readers to understand how being more in control of their money will be beneficial for them, why they might have found it difficult so far, and by looking at how we spend money in the era of contactless and online payments. It then helps readers to identify what their goals surrounding money may be, and how to reach them.

Written in a calm, warm, tone, it is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to take their money more seriously. It is a breath of fresh air in a space that often feels crowded with aggressive advice for how to make MORE money – as opposed to managing and enjoying the money you already have. With the cost of living crisis biting world wide, personal finances and money management are becoming a key priority for many people who may feel daunted by exploring what is an emotionally charged and often confusing topic – the temptation to ignore the worry associated with making ends meet can be overwhelming! Thanks to The Budgeting Journal, it’s easy to take a deep breath and calm any feelings of panic. With its clear, accessible and appealing design, it’s easy to make managing money a satisfying habit that gives a sense of clarity and control.

It is the essential tool for anyone wanting to have a little more oversight on their own spending and keep track of their habits around money. Its undated format, attractive design, and easy to follow layout makes it non-threatening, clear, and very, very, reassuring.

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