The Magic of Seeds


The ultimate reference to growing plants from seed.

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The Magic of Seeds:  The ultimate reference to growing plants from seed.

Seeds are magical. Every little one has the potential to become a new plant and give you more seeds – connecting us to the circle of life and nature’s endless ability to surprise and delight. The act of planting seeds and watching them grow into seedlings and then on into productive plants is enormously therapeutic. Even when things don’t go to plan, the gardener is constantly learning, growing and deepening their connection to nature. It’s an incredibly grounding and humbling experience that feeds the soul of the gardener.
This beautifully illustrated guide will show readers how and when to harvest the seeds of 100 different garden plants and flowers, with advice on when and how to sow them, and where and when to plant them out. Alongside this hands-on guidance, the reader will be engaged with snippets of folklore and traditions that further enhance their appreciation of nature and help them discover the inherent magic of seeds.
Whether the reader is a practising green witch, or simply an amateur gardener with a spiritual affinity with nature, this book will give them everything they need to successfully make a garden from seed and unlock the wonders of nature.

About the Author
Clare Gogerty lives on a smallholding in Herefordshire, England. A member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, she has been interested in magick, druidry and folklore since a child, encouraged by her father, an enthusiastic dowser and leyline hunter. A former magazine editor, she is now a freelance journalist and author, writing about spirituality, travel, homes and gardens for magazines and newspapers. She is the author of ‘Beyond the Footpath: mindful adventures for modern pilgrims’ (Piatkus, 2019) and ‘Sacred Places: where to found wonder in the world’ (Aster, 2020).


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