kawaii crochet garden

Kawaii Crochet Garden; Blooming brilliant amigurumi plants

‘Kawaii’ is a Japanese word that describes something as cute, adorable, and just utterly lovable. This couldn’t be truer for Melissa Bradley’s ‘Kawaii Crochet Garden’ which features a collection of 40 super cute amigurumi patterns! After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to cultivate their own colourful world of crochet flowers, plants, and garden creatures? […]

100 plants that heal book

100 Plants That Heal

Discover 100 common medicinal plants and how to use them for healing and self-care with this sumptuously illustrated guide.  

Fifty Plants That Changed the Course of History

Of course, we are entirely dependent on plants for our food and the air we breathe, but did you know that 5,000 mature English oak trees were used in the construction of Admiral Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory, or that sweet peas were involved in the birth of the science of genetics? King Cotton was the […]

The Magic of Seeds Card Deck

Discover the magic of growing plants from seed with this beautifully illustrated card deck. Featuring 52 plants from flowers to herbs, each card shows the full lifecycle of the plant, explores its uses and reveals some of the myths and stories behind its name, with a beginner’s guide to growing from seed in the accompanying 16 page booklet.

Gardener’s Folklore

Ever wondered if there’s any truth behind planting by the moon? Or why wassailing is still a common folk practice in some parts of the world? In Gardener’s Folklore, the record of these practices is unveiled, with plenty of tips and tricks to try in your own garden.

Plant Names Explained

If you, like many gardeners, have a fascination for plant names and their derivations, but stop short of wanting to study botanical nomenclature in great depth, this book is for you!

A review by Dee Dee Chainey: The Time Traveller’s Herbal – Stories and recipes from the historical apothecary cabinet by Amanda Edmiston, published by David & Charles.

The Time Traveller’s Herbal by Amanda Edmiston is an enchanting journey into the world of apothecary storytelling, infused with her personal connection and unwavering fascination with botanical lore and tales. Her introduction beautifully sets the stage, sharing her spellbinding backstory and the beginnings of her interest in all things herbal. The captivating storytelling sets a […]

The Time Traveller’s Herbal

Including instructions for over 25 recipes and makes using commonly found, foraged or easily procured ingredients, author Amanda Edmiston weaves a story through the recipes about the craft of the herbalist, tapping into the traditional knowledge passed down through generations and reworking it for the modern reader.

Dive into the World of Delightful Miniatures with “50 Makes for Modern Miniatures” by Chelsea Andersson

Are you fascinated by the intricate world of miniatures? Do you find joy in creating tiny, detailed replicas of everyday objects or whimsical scenes? If so, then “50 Makes for Modern Miniatures” by Chelsea Andersson is the perfect book to fuel your passion and take your miniature crafting skills to new heights. Let’s explore what […]