Yarn Mandalas

Yarn Mandalas for Beginners and Beyond

Discover how to make incredible woven yarn mandalas in a mindful, meditative way. This is a practical book of instructions for woven mandalas with an emphasis on how they can be a tool to aid wellbeing.
cat coaster tutorial

Creating a Cat Coaster from T-Shirt Yarn

Emma Friedlander-Collins & Christine Leech, authors of the Zero Waste Series have created this fantastic tutorial for you to create an incredible Cat Coaster from an old t-shirt! What you need to create this cat coaster:  An old t-shirt (or a couple if you’d like to use different colours in the end result) A pair […]

Extreme Crochet with Chunky Yarn

Extreme crochet is not for the faint hearted. Imagine the biggest hooks, the chunkiest yarns and some stuff that’s not even yarn at all and you’re on the right track. Extreme crochet is fun and addictive, quirky and thought-provoking. And immensely satisfying.  Choose chunky, high-loft woollen yarns, or fabric and T-shirt yarns, string, rope, washing […]

Filet Crochet to Wear

Learn to filet crochet with this collection of 15 crochet patterns for filet crochet garments including sweaters, tanks, tee shirts and cardigans. Filet crochet only uses two stitches in a grid formation – chain stitch and double crochet (if you’re American), treble if you’re in the UK.

Edward’s Menagerie New Edition

Get ready to spend some time with a suave high-flying rhino, a lovesick elephant who knows her way around a kitchen and a seriously chivalrous tiger… in a new and updated edition of this crochet classic!

100 Knitted Tiles

100 Knitted Tiles: A collection of 100 knitting charts and patterns for designs based on decorative tiles. Decorative tiles have long been a source of inspiration for designers and artists due to their often intricate patterns and colours. This collection includes 100 designs inspired by decorative ceramic tiles from around the world.

David & Charles Charity Board Donations

December 2023 At David and Charles, we know that creativity changes lives, and we publish books to encourage as many people as possible to get more creative – you might have seen some in a shop near you or online! And as an independent, specialist publishing house based in Exeter, who are also proud of […]

knit a box of socks

Knit a Box of Socks

Every knitter dreams of having a perfectly curated box of socks that holds all of their gorgeous handmade creations. Julie Ann Lebouthillier has created 24 incredible sock knitting patterns that are perfect for you to knit for yourself, friends and family to create the perfect box of socks.

500 Needlepoint Patterns

500 Needlepoint Patterns: Welcome to an expansive compendium of needlepoint patterns, where alluring designs come to life through the rhythmic dance of yarn on canvas.

Bohemian Blooms Crochet Blanket

Following a Crochet Along style project is an incredibly popular way for home crafters to create projects in bite-size pieces and this stunning design from Jane Crowfoot not only offers crochet fans the chance to work through one of her famous and ground-breaking designs, but it will also help build skills and techniques while creating a truly beautiful heirloom crochet piece using luxurious yarns.