We have made a commitment to be a responsible company in our approach to sustainability and our consideration of the environment. We are working to an initial set of policy guidelines which we see as a first step and have appointed a Sustainability Guardian to be the voice for this issue in our company. Our Guardian is leading a sustainability action plan, which includes the following steps:

  • An internal information point in the office and online to communicate our policies, steps, and updates to the team.
  • An audit of our suppliers and partners, launched in October 2021, to assess their approach to sustainability, policies, and commitments in this area. Once completed, we intend to use this to increase the pressure on our suppliers to improve their credentials.
  • Office best practice, improving our practices in recycling, office materials, energy supply, travel, and day-to-day decision making.
  • Carbon footprint assessment: Analysing our carbon footprint and setting targets for how to reduce it.
  • Carbon offsetting: Implementing carbon offsetting schemes when necessary to offset our impact.
  • Liaising externally, with the publishing industry and sustainability expertise to improve our understanding and benefit from advice, including participating in the Independent Publisher’s Guild sustainability action group.
  • Returns: Working with customers to reduce the number of returns and wasted books.

We use FSC certified paper for all print where this is possible. When this is not possible, we use paper only from approved suppliers using sustainable pulp.


We are also publishing books that encourage consumers to think about the environmental impact of their hobby, including the following titles.

      Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond   Zero Waste: Kitchen