We have made a commitment to be a responsible company in our approach to sustainability and our consideration of the environment. We are working to an initial set of policy guidelines which we see as a first step and have appointed a Sustainability Guardian to be the voice for this issue in our company and who will develop our action plan for meaningful change in our business.

We currently observe the following policies:

We ensure the impact on the environment is considered with all business decisions, from our supplier relationships to business travel and office practices.

We use FSC certified paper for all print where this is possible (from January 2020). When this is not possible, use paper only from approved suppliers using sustainable pulp.

Require all suppliers to complete a sustainability and anti-slavery questionnaire and use this to inform their suitability as a supplier or apply pressure to change practices.

We actively look at ways we can reduce waste in the business particularly in decisions around print volumes. The new opportunities with print-on-demand give us great opportunity here.

In addition:

  • Donating book overstocks rather than pulping.
  • Having a sustainable office culture.
  • Not printing documents unless absolutely necessary.
  • Applying a reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.
  • Managing office stationery and ancillary materials to reduce waste.
  • Minimising our marketing and publicity materials: Catalogues, tote bags, flyers etc.
  • Only flying for business when it is absolutely necessary, and carbon offsetting any business flight through Moor Trees (
  • We are engaging in the Independent Publishers Guilds’ Sustainability Action group to identify further ways to enhance our policies in this area.


We are also publishing books that encourage consumers to think about the environmental impact of their hobby, including the following titles.

      Sustainable Knitting for Beginners and Beyond   Zero Waste: Kitchen