Preview Snippets! | 52 Weeks of Diary Comics!

Snippets! The first book of its’ kind is making its’ way to bookshelves near you this May! Snippets, created by talented illustrator Rachael Smith, is ideal for helping you develop your sketching abilities, whilst also helping you keep a record of daily life in a bitesize, easy-to-manage way. If you don’t have time to sit […]

burnout journal

The Anti-Burnout Journal is here!

The Anti-Burnout Journal is here to help you battle burnout! Have you ever felt burnt out? Chances are, someone else you know has too. Since 2017, searches related to burnout have risen on average 41% annually with over 77% of employees saying they’ve experienced ‘burnout’. Bex Spiller is a former burnt-out entrepreneur who is getting ready […]

Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas

Journaling for Wellbeing – Cosmopolitan Magazine Reviews

A recent article in Cosmopolitan Magazine talked to Helen Colebrook (author of the Journal with Purpose series)  about the huge benefits of journaling. From building self-esteem to keeping a record of everything you’re grateful for, journaling has many benefits to enjoy. Here’s just some of the benefits of journaling that have been established: Helps to […]

Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas

Journal with Purpose: 101 Layout Ideas and 500 Prompts

Helen Colebrook is back with another hit journal! Journal with Purpose: 101 Layout Ideas is the second book from Journaling genius, Helen. Including over 100 layout ideas, AND 500 prompts to help get those creative juices spilling over every page. Journaling is huge right now, and it’s no surprise. Throughout the last year and the […]

All I want for Christmas...The Sewing Edition

All I want for Christmas…The Journaling Edition

‘All I want for Christmas…The Journaling Edition’ is your ultimate guide to gifts for journalers. First things first, let’s talk books because after all, that’s what we do… Journal with Purpose Created by Helen Colebrook, Journal with Purpose is the ultimate reference for journaling, packed with over 1000 motifs that you can use to decorate […]