Wellbeing List Submissions

Practical guides to living a soulful life

The Wellbeing list at David & Charles will be a home for highly illustrated titles that guide you through the process of crafting a life that nurtures creativity, mindfulness, and a connection with the natural world… books that feed your soul.

We are looking to work with authors who find joy in the simple things, and can share joy that with readers in a way that is thoughtful, practical, and engaging. We are interested in seeing everything from completed manuscripts to the very earliest of ideas, but before you hit send on your proposal, make sure you can answer these questions…

1 Who would your book be friends with?

Knowing what other titles are similar to yours will help us to understand how you see your book – what is the concept and how does it fit into the existing publishing landscape? Which books like it are performing well? Who do you think the reader is, and how does your book speak to their interests?

It’s also good to think about what makes your book special – what is its USP? What do you think readers have been missing out on that your book will provide? Do you have any data or evidence that supports that feeling and shows there is a need for this type of book?

2 What’s in it?

It would be good to have a firm idea of what you would include – and a title and subtitle. Try to describe your book in one sentence, then a short paragraph (of no more than 400 words – keep it snappy!) and then outline some possible chapters or sections. Bear in mind we are looking for illustrated titles – are you an artist, or do you have someone in mind you would love to work with? If not, can you show a mood board with a defined aesthetic or identify keywords that describe the visual style of your book?

3 Why you?

Let us know why you are the right person to be writing this book. Do you have specialist experience or knowledge that qualifies you? Do you have an existing audience (either online or in real life) who are eager to read your thoughts on this topic and if so, how do you communicate and engage with them?

If you can answer those questions, we’d love to hear from you – please send proposals as PDF documents of no more than 10mb directly to lizzie@davidandcharles.com by the 30th of January 2022. Please put ‘Submission’ in your email subject line. If we think we’d be the right home for your book, we’ll aim to get back to you within six weeks. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!